Ford X-Plan Pricing For Greater Detroit, MI Area

What Is The X-Ford Plan?

X-Plan is approved (invitation only) new vehicle pricing that is offered to employees of business partners of Ford Motor Company.  X-Plan pricing is credible towards the lease or acquisition of many new Ford vehicles.

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Are You Eligible?

The Employees, retirees, spouses of eligible partner companies as well as the business owner of the dealership. Residents of the same household as the employee are eligible as well.

What Is Considered Proof Of Eligibility?

  • For employees of eligible partner companies, you must provide a recent pay stub, company I.D., W-2 or company healthcare card. All are acceptable items to verify employment. (Note: business cards will not be accepted as proof of employment). The dealership must list the company or organization's name on the AXZD-Plan Pricing Agreement.
  • For residents in the same household as the eligible employee/retiree, driver's licenses' will be required for proof of residence.
  • For membership-based partner companies, you must provide a membership card that indicates a 60-day minimum membership.

List Of Eligible Membership Programs

Ford X-Plan Membership ProgramsFord X-Plan Membership

*Please check frequently as list is subject to change at any time.

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